Breastfeeding Assistance

Breastfeeding is a learned skill by both mother and baby and can require patience and practice.  Support is available any time by phone or email.

If birthing in a hospital that is not "breastfeeding-friendly" I am available to visit you as soon as possible after the birth to help establish breastfeeding.

Home visits for one-on-one support usually last about 1.5 hours.  I observe the baby breastfeeding and answer any questions.  Suggestions and options may be discussed.  Follow-up appointments can be scheduled as necessary.

If I am unable to help resolve any breastfeeding issues, I refer to a local Lactation Consultant.

Newborn Care Assistance

Sometimes new parents are overwhelmed with newborn care and need an experienced, loving guide to help with basic "baby skills".  I am available to meet with you before or after the birth to teach bathing, cord care, diapering, dressing, swaddling, and more.  Occasionally an in-depth discussion about burping, crying, and baby poo comes along with the visit!

Postpartum Care

Often a woman recovering from birth just needs some extra support.  Checking on stitches or a cracked nipple, supporting through the stresses of new motherhood, or listening to decompressing from a traumatic birth experience...  I am available and willing to serve in this capacity.  Referrals to outside, appropriate care are available as well.
Photo by Erin Kannon