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Postnatal Care from a Midwife          

Families deserve competent and thoughtful support in the weeks following birth. This is especially helpful for women birthing in Bangkok where there is minimal postnatal care.

While I am available for individual visits, I highly recommend several visits stretching from a couple days after the birth through the 6-week postnatal time. Scheduling is flexible and can work around the baby’s and family's needs.

A mother’s body changes day to day in the days and weeks after birth. Many breastfeeding challenges peak around four days after the birth. Newborns are still adapting to external life for two weeks after the birth. I help mothers to be more comfortable in their recovery, provide guidance regarding new babies, and facilitate breastfeeding success.

For the newborn I observe: Status of the umbilical cord and clamp; weight gain; skin color/rashes; feeding, hydration status, and elimination; sleep/wake patterns; bonding and family response to the baby's needs.

For the mother I observe: General physical and emotional well-being; follow-up for any birth complications; review of herbs or medications; nutrition and elimination; perineum/sutures/incision; lochia/bleeding; fundus/afterpains.

Additional assessments: Breastfeeding evaluation, education and support; addressing the concerns of the family.

Some mothers just need someone to love on them and support them! After ticking the boxes for how many times the baby has gone poo, I am very happy to sit and chat over a cup of tea about anything and everything!
Bangkok Birth & Beyond

I know from my own experiences the importance of supportive postnatal care... the postnatal time can be wonderful but also overwhelming! 
I welcomed the knowledge and expertise that came with the visits of a midwife in my home.