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About Erin          

I arrived in Thailand in 2001 and have been blessed with four amazing children, all born in Bangkok. I felt a call to working with birthing women after a less-than-desirable birth with my first child and a wonderful, empowering birth with my second child. Working with women and families though their life-changing event of having a baby has been a fun, challenging, and rewarding experience.

I have been a certified childbirth educator with Childbirth International (CBI) and a certified doula with CBI since 2008. I became a Certified Professional Midwife (CPM) in 2013 and completed a Dr. of Naturopathy with a focus in Acupuncture in 2018.

I provide care and information for families from all walks of life. By providing evidence-based resources, parents can understand the birth process and make informed decisions regarding procedures and options. I offer encouragement, reassurance, and support.
Supporting families from all over the world in this wonderful city of Bangkok!
Bangkok Birth & Beyond